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Fiber-reinforced composite

Basalt Fiber Rebars

Basalt fiber bars are made from assembled roving in pultrusion process. Basalt roving consists of basalt continuous filament coated with silane sizing and reinforced in VE resin matrix, where fiber volume content is 65-70%. The strength of basalt fiber bars amounts to 950 MPa.

The excellent alkali and acid resistance allows application in construction industry e.g. concrete reinforcing, reinforcing of composite panels, reinforcing in civil engineering.
We offer basalt fiber bars with different diameter 1 mm – 28 mm. The standard diameter amounts to 4mm, 1000mm length and 30 g/m weight.

Basalt Epoxy Composites

The Basalt stone is characterized by dark gray color. After melting process become the continuous basalt fiber an olives green color. In an epoxy resin basalt fibers will become their characteristic dark brown or black color. This phenomena make it possible to optical comparison with carbon fiber composites without usage of dyestuffs.

Epoxy basalt fabrics sheets

Resin: Low- or high-temperature epoxy resin
Amount of resin: 50% of fiber weight
Surface: matte, semi gloss, glossy, high gloss
Reinforcement fiber: basalt fabric with plain or twill weave
Sheet thickness: 0.5 – 6 mm
Sheet size: 100×200 cm, A3, A4, A5
Color: black

Epoxy-basalt fabric sheets offer excellent mechanical properties and can handle very well (cutting, drilling, milling, grinding, gluing, etc.).

3d-construction part of motorcycle (basalt plain 400)


Composite laminates are assemblies of layers of fibrous composite materials which can be joined to provide required engineering properties, including in-plane stiffness, bending stiffness, strength and coefficient of thermal expansion. The individual layers consist of high-modulus, high-strength fibers in a polymeric, metallic or ceramic
matrix material. Typical fibers used include glass, carbon, basalt and some polymer as matrix materials. The polymer is most often epoxy, but other polymers, such as polyester, vinyl ester.

Basalt fiber reinforced plastic

Basalt fiber reinforced plastic (BsFRP or BsRP), is a strong and light fiber-reinforced polymer which contains basalt fibers.


is a term for “pre-impregnated” composite fibres where a material, such as epoxy is already present. These usually take the form of a weave or are uni-directional. They already contain an amount of the matrix material used to bond them together and to other components during manufacture. The pre-preg are mostly stored in cooled areas since activation is most commonly done by heat. Hence, composite structures built of pre-pregs will mostly require an oven or autoclave to cure out.


  • lightweight
  • aerospace industry
  • automotive industry
  • auto and motor sports (3-D parts, battery boxes, etc.)
  • military industry
  • boat building, sailing yachts
  • sports industry (wind surfboards, snowboards, skis, etc.)
  • in electrical engineering (Isolierplaten, battery boxes, etc.)

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