Basalt Fiber Technologies & Products

Chopped strand

In our portfolio we have a wide range of chopped basalt strands in different cut length, as well as different sizing types that are compatible with corresponding matrix systems. Standard products of this type are equipped with sizing for thermoset, thermoplastic and concrete applications.
In technical data sheet  for BCS  you can find an overview of available products and their compatibility.

Advantages and benefits

  • If you need to replace asbestos in your frictional materials our Basfiber® is the best solution for this.
  • If you are forced to change your glass filled brake pads very frequently or your brakes do not work properly under high loading, you need brake pads based on our basalt fiber.
  • After exposition under 400°C the Basfiber® looses only 20% of their initial strength, while strength of E glass under the same conditions drops substantially – more than 50%.
  • Friction materials based on Basfiber® have better and more stable frictional coefficient and longer life than other ones.
  • Basalt chopped strand allows you to produce stiffer and stronger details without essential increase of its price.
  • The dielectric properties of basalt fibers are equal to ones of glass fibers. So switch from glass to basalt does not change radar transparency.
  • Basalt fibers have higher sound insulation properties than glass fibers. Hence, with interior based on basalt fibers you will feel yourself more comfortable.

Advantages and benefits over usual E-glass reinforced/filled plastic

  • Higher tensile strength and stiffness.
  • Better retention of tensile strength and stiffness at elevated temperatures (80-150 °C).
  • Lower weight and consequently, reduction of resin and fiber consumption.
  • Much better recyclability and ecological friendlines.



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