Geogrids for reinforcement of base layers

Flexible polyester yarn geogrid with polymer coating

Geosynthetic Composites

Flexible polyester geogrid with PP non-woven fabric

  • MD/CMD short-term strength of grid from 20/20 kN/m and higher
  • Elongation at nominal force ≤ 10%
  • Mesh size 25x25 mm
  • PP non-woven fabric
  • CE certificate
  • IVG product certificates:  MULTITEX 50/50 MULTITEX 80/80
  • Functions: reinforce, separate


Polyester or PVA Geofabrics

Our geofabrics are a woven geotexiles made of highly modular polyester yarns or PVA yarns, which has a high tensile strength of 2000 kN / m with very little elongation. Maximum width of the fabric up to 5.1 m.