REINFORCED PLASTICS 2012 International BALATON Conference

With more than 100 trade visitors from 10 countries, three-day Reinforced Plastics 2012 International Balaton Conference was held in the city of Keszthely (Hungary) on the Lake Balaton from 22 to 24 May 2012, one of the largest events in the region. The conference has been held for more than 20 years and is organized by the Hungarian Association of the Manufacturers of Reinforced Plastic Materials (EMSZ).
The lecture by INCOTELOGY “Advanced basalt fibers for high-performance composites: new unique and eco- nomic applications with superior properties” met with particular interest from the audience. The presentation presented the experiences and perspectives for the use of basalt fiber products in various industries.
For INCOTELOGY the conference offered the opportunity to present the advantages of basalt fiber products to the numerous interested parties in detail. “Participating in the conference was a great success for INCOTELOGY. We have succeeded in highlighting the know-how of INCOTELOGY in the field of fiber composite materials, “says Georg Kirchgeßner, Managing Director of INCOTELOGY. “In addition, we were able to significantly improve our visibility in the markets of Eastern and Central Europe and to stand out from the competition with the quality of our innovative products.”