Basalt Microfiber

Fiber diameter 9-13 microns

Fiber length up 5 microns to 1500 microns

The basalt microfibers are available in various designs.

Using basalt microfibers has the following advantages:

  • An increase in the tensile strength of the polymer composite material with up to 15% SBMF and up to 40% with HBMF
  • The abrasion resistance of polymer composite material is 100 times higher with the SBMF and up to 500 times higher with the HBMF
  • Significantly higher filling degree the polymeric material with basalt microfiber for a better compressive strength
  • Structural, safety and power elements in the automotive and transport industries
  • Casings for laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets
  • Cases for optical devices: cameras, lenses, tripods, eyeglass frames
  • Impellers and blades for different purposes
  • Armor for tanks, special vehicles, helicopters, weapons systems elements
  • Protective coatings, fillers for paints, primers, puttiess, glues
  • Pipes and gutters for pumping aggressive and abrasive compounds
  • Fabrication of composite printing rods for 3-D printer
  • Designer furnishings and fittings in the form of tiles sculptures, friezes
  • Reinforcing elements in construction
  • Manufacture of medical applications, endo prosthesis and restorative materials
  • Production of 3-D reinforced polymer films
  • Reinforcement of rubber products, tires, trucks
  • Power and insulating elements in the power industry
  • The elements of urban and road infrastructure
    – light poles, benches, sewer manholes and drain grates
  • Fireproof cable boxes, channels, partitions
  • Sports equipment – rackets, skis, helmets, snowboards, bicycles frames
  • Tanks for storage and transportation of corrosive liquids, including galvanic baths
  • Basis for the production of printed circuit boards of the new generation
  • Manufacture of friction elements, high-performance compressor rings with increased resource services, lubrication sliding and, e.g. computer coolers based on them
  • Manufacture antifriction pairs and brake pads