Reinforcing mesh

LIGRIL is an advanced material based on basalt fiber. It is successfully used in masonry, for reinforcement of large-sized bricks, aerated concrete, foamed blocks etc. It is also used in braced framing works to bond the facing and inner layers of the wall. A special alkali-resistant polymer impregnation ensures perfect protection of the grid from aggressive media and excellent adhesion to material.


Basalt reinforcing mesh LIGRIL with alkali resistant coating were developed to prevent cracks forming in different applications in construction industry as well as for reinforcement of mortars and non load bearing concrete. The higher tensile strength of this product compared to E-glass or steel increases impact resistance and prevents from cracks appearance. The basalt fiber mesh can meet the expectations and strict requirements of most demanding companies from construction market.


MASTER is a glass fiber mesh which is produced of two systems of glass rovings or complex yarns stitched with one another by a high tenacity yarn. The mesh is impregnated with special polymer preparation. The mesh is characterized by high elasticity and therefore is recommended for works on moveable surfaces. MASTER mesh effectively prevents shrinkage cracking and increases the stability of plastered layers. The glass fiber mesh is used in External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS).

Basalt leno-fabric

Basalt leno-fabrics are ideal for strengthening layer of plaster for interior and exterior walls, producing self-leveling floors, preventing the formation of cracks in plasterboard, insulation of vessels, tanks, oil and gas pipelines and other sandwich-constructions.