Basalt fiber mini-rebars

Corrugated basat fiber mini rods

New product on the European market: the corrugated basalt fiber mini rods as an innovative alternative to steel fibers in concrete. The corrugated basalt fiber mini rods for increasing the tensile strength and deformability of concrete is a new innovative product on the market of concrete reinforcement.  


The corrugated basalt fiber mini rods, as a particularly innovative concrete reinforcement made of basalt fiber reinforced plastic, are used as a replacement for the steel fiber. Since basalt fiber reinforcement does not corrode compared to steel reinforcement, the covering layers with concrete can be significantly reduced, which directly saves costs.

The basalt fiber mini rods are also used where steel fibers are particularly susceptible to moisture and rust due to strong temperature differences.

A concrete reinforced with basalt fiber mini bars have double service life compared with steel reinforcement.


The corrugated basalt fiber mini rods can be produced in various sizes to meet the specific application purposes. The standard length is 50 mm with a diameter of 1.5 mm, which corresponds to a ratio (L / d) of 33.

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Basalt fiber mini bars (BF-MB), like steel fiber, mainly reinforce industrial floors, foundation slabs and shotcrete applications.

The mini rods made of basalt fiber-plastic composite are 4 times lighter and have the same or higher tensile strength than steel. The basalt fiber mini rods are therefore a real alternative to steel fibers.