INCOTELOGY GmbH presents the latest basalt fiber product developments for the automotive industry at the K trade fair 2016 in DüsseldorfINCOTELOGY GmbH from Pulheim, a leading provider of innovative basalt fiber products and semi-finished products, is presenting itself for the first time at the K trade fair 2016 in Düsseldorf.The focus of the 2016 presence at INCOTELOGY GmbH (Hall 7, Level 1 / A30) is on a number of new developments in the field of high-performance basalt fibers and basalt fiber products as an innovative alternative to glass and carbon fibers.

In its portfolio, INCOTELOGY offers a wide range of cut basalt fibers in different cutting lengths, as well as different sizes, which are compatible with the corresponding matrix systems. Standard products of this type are equipped with sizing for thermosetting, thermoplastic and concrete applications.

The latest developments, such as high-performance basalt microfibers with a fiber length of 5 µm to 1500 µm, are of particular interest to the automotive and aviation industries. The use of basalt microfibers enables a very high degree of filling of the polymer material for better compressive strength, the increase in the tensile strength of the polymer composite material and the higher abrasion resistance of the polymer composite material.