Basalt fabrics are available in a variety of designs, which differ according to their intended use in the yarn or rovings , the type of binding, the type of lining, the mesh width and the resulting basis weight. Please ask us about the current range of fabrics. You can also find some fabrics from our range in our e-shop.

Product specification

  • Weaving: plain, twill, atlas etc.
  • Grammage: 100-1500 g/sqm
  • Width: up to 3000 mm


Hybrid fabrics are made of two different types of fibers. The interaction of positive properties each kind of fibers allows to achieve optimal end-results. While carbon fibers show excellent stiffness and compressive strength properties, the aramid fibers are characterized by excellent impact and tensile strength. Basalt fibers contribute to these properties additionally high elasticity.

Upon the manufacturing of functional textiles for designated performance tasks, e.g. moisture or fire protection will be basalt fiber fabrics coated.


Permanent flexible, safer protection is in the focus of all applications. Especially reliable and stable silicone or polyurethane based coatings care for excellent functional technology, high safety.

INCOTELOGY GmbH offers wide range of fabrics with functional surface coatings e.g. vacuum coating and lamination.

Product specification

  • Coatings: Silikon, Polyurethan, Black-Out foam
  • Lamination: self-adhesive film, Alum-foil, PET-foil