Snow barrier grids

Snow barrier grid
Snow barrier grid

SS-SNOW barrier grid – raw materials used for production of SS-SNOW ensure its good functioning without deformation or damage at temperature lower than -40 ⁰С. Special type of PVC plastisol (purchased only from European manufacturers) gives the grid elasticity and protection from aggressive atmosphere like UV-light, temperature fluctuation (freezing – defrosting), acid-alkali media. Special light- and heat stabilizers are using for production of the yarns, which are knitted into the grid. Guaranteed service life of polyester grids is not less than 7 years when properly used.

Material Type

Composition MD/CMD Tensile strength, kn/m Mesh size, mm MD/CMD Elongation, %

Width, m


SS-SNOW (25/15)

Polyester yarn, PVC impregnation 25/15 50/50 3