Multiaxial Fabrics

We are providing a different kind of multiaxial fabrics, which differ in a number of layers e.g. 0 °, 90 °, +45 °, -45 ° and weights.
We are working together with the world best manufactures of multiaxial fabrics to extend our product range and satisfy expected requirements our customers.
Please ask about current availability of multiaxial fabrics.


Properties of Multiaxial Fabrics:

  • High drapability depending on weight and sewing
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Easy handling and processing
  • Very good treatability
  • Stress oriented fiber alignment

UD Fabrics

UD fabrics are reinforced with polyester thread-grid and partial saturated with epoxy resin or PVAc. The available widths are 40-600 mm. On request we are providing an UD hybrid fabrics with basalt-aramid and basalt-carbon fibers depending by customer requirements and applications.
With these lightweight unidirectional fabrics can be reach optimal properties of components at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The saturation with epoxy resin of our unidirectional fabrics allow to reduce resin amount in the further processing.

Biaxial Fabrics

The fibers are crossed over each other and the alignment of fibers can be 0/90 °, + / -45 °.

Biaxial fabrics are stable and allow simplification of manufacturing and processing e.g. cutting and laminating. These fabrics have a good drapability and can be used by demanding geometrical shapes.

Different weights of Biaxial fabrics are available.

Triaxial Fabrics

The fibers are composed of three overlapping layers and the fiber orientation can be 0 ° / +45 ° / -45 °. Triaxial fabrics allow optimal properties components and are ideal for components with very high fiber volume content.

Quadriaxial Fabrics

The fibers are composed of four layers and can be aligned e.g. 0 ° / +45 ° / -45 ° / 90 °.

By using quadriaxial basalt fiber fabrics you get heavy-duty components, especially for relatively large and heavily loaded parts.