Our products STRADEX PET geogrid, STABBUDTEX geotextile and MULTITEX PET geogrid with nonwoven (from the manufacturer Machina-TST) have been IVG certified since October 2020.

STRADEX PET geogrid made from high-modulus polyester yarns is a rigid, low-creep, dimensionally stable, flexible geogrid without structural stretch with high strength at the intersection points.


STABBUDTEX is a high tenacity geo-textile that can be made from high-modulus polyester yarns (PET yarns), from alkali-resistant polyvinyl alcohol yarns (PVA yarns) or from polypropylene yarns (PP yarns). The STABBUDTEX geotextile have a high tensile strength of up to 1600 kN / m with very little stretch.


MULTITEX PET grid with nonwoven is a geosynthetic composite in which a geogrid made of high-modulus polyester multifilament yarns (PET yarns) and coated with a polymer emulsion is glued together with a PP or PET nonwoven. The MULTITEX composites combine the functions of reinforcing, separating and filtering.

MULTITEX Geogrid with non-Woven

The IVG product certificate is a quality proof for geosynthetics: no incoming building material inspection – but always assured quality.