Geosynthetics for a wide range of applications in road construction, traffic infrastructure construction, earthworks, train infrastructure construction, erosion protection, maritime applications and in the construction industry.

Geogrids for reinforcement of base layers

Flexible polyester yarn geogrid with polymer coating

Geosynthetic Composites

Flexible polyester geogrid with PP non-woven fabric


Polyester or PVA Geofabrics

Our geofabrics are a woven geotexiles made of highly modular polyester yarns or PVA yarns, which has a high tensile strength of 2000 kN / m with very little elongation. Maximum width of the fabric up to 5.1 m.

  • MD/CMD short-term strength from 20/20 kN/m and higher
  • Elongation at nominal force ≤ 10%
  • CE certificate
  • IVG product certificates: PET-Geofabric 120/120 kN/m
  • Functions: reinforce, separate, filter