IASF Manufacturing Technologies

INCOTELOGY GmbH is the industry leader in the field of turnkey plants for the production of IASF (Inorganic Amorphous Synthetic Fibers). 

Inorganic Amorphous Synthetic Fibers (IASF)

Artificial mineral fibers are a wide variety of inorganic synthetic fibers that are obtained from the mineral melt using various nozzle or centrifugal processes. On the other hand, asbestos is of natural origin, it occurs as a matted, fibrous form of mineral silicates and is obtained directly from the asbestos-bearing rock.

Technology for the production of continuous IASF (CIASF)

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INCOTELOGY GmbH builds a variety of different melting furnaces for its customers, ranging from gas furnaces to fully electrically heated versions. The choice of melter type depends on the raw materials, customer requirements for the quality of the fiber, and several other factors.